Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wow cannot believe it has been a couple of months already since I posted a blog. Beyond photography joined up with CODP and did a few shoots for Help Portrait late last year. Help Portrait is an international organization to give back to the community. Photographers around the world take pictures of anyone who would not normally afford such luxury. In a world where many of us take photographs for granted and have a cell phone with a camera in our pocket daily, document whatever we like and upload it the same day to Face Book and email to our friends. For some it is the first family portrait ever and some children are 10 years old and it is the first time they see what they look like as they have no mirrors and have never seen a picture of themselves. What an amazing time it was. I met so many wonderful people who have so little material things and yet so filled with faith and love.  Unfortunatly to protect those we photographed we cannot upload any photographs to the web :) .

We also exhibited at the Oakfield Bridal Show, what a beautiful weekend, luckily the rain stayed away for most of the time so everyone was able to enjoy the weekend in the country. We will be exhibiting at the Bridal Indaba on the 12th and 13th Feb, so come visit us there.

On other news we were recently awarded our Associateship membership in the Professional Photographers of South Africa.

 I will definatly be uploading some of our recent weddings later today. So please check back soon.

I wish you all a wonderful week!

Beyond Photography

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