Thursday, May 5, 2011

Maryke and George

Johannesburg seems to have rain every other day at the moment, and Maryke and Georges wedding was no exception. Many of our photographs were done indoors due to the weather, so we used the soft romantic light and warm colours too our advantage. The wedding was beautiful and once again the rain was like - God's confetti blessing the day.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Arniston - a photographic paradise.

PAGING through travel magazines, we are often envious of the stunning images and scenery gracing every page. We wonder when we may get our chance to explore some exotic destination so that we too may come back with amazing photographs. In truth however we simply need to look around in order to find wonderful subjects to photograph.
Just two hours from Cape Town lies the small fishing village of Arniston, the Cape's best kept secret. The beautiful stretches of golden beaches, white rolling dunes and deep blue sea combined with rocky cliffs and forgotten shipwrecks all come together to make Arniston a photographers dream.
Arniston is also known as Waenhuiskran after a large low tide sea cave eroded in such a way as too resemble the structures used by settlers to house their oxen and wagons. For photographers, this is an unusual and beautiful spot where we can create artistic photographs. The dark rocks of the cave open out onto the deep blue of the ocean and if you there at the right time of year you can get the sunrise through the rocky cave. It is a place where you can be creative and go home with those 'wish you were here' type of photographs.

You will however need to plan ahead as the cave is only accessible on low tide. You will need to check the tide times and have an idea of the type of photograph you would like to get, so you can be there at the right time of year and time of day. The water level can rise quickly so you will need to ensure you have any equipment you may need with you and try to work fast. A good all rounder lens for this cave shot is a 18-200mm lens. It is lightweight and has a wide zoom range allowing you to get both wide angle and detail shots.

Other photography hotspots in Arniston include the white washed fisherman cottages. These are common all along Agulus coast. However, Arniston and Struisbaai are the best place to photograph them from. Here you are able to get close and include the fisherman for some environmental portraiture shots. Or you can stand back and include white washed cottages against the blue sea and sky.
Use your polarizing filter for this type of shot to keep your sky deep blue. Also pay attention to your exposure as white often confuses your camera's light meter into underexposing. Remember to compensate for this and to use your histograms to check your image. 

Moving just a few kilometres South along the shore is the town of Struisbaai. With over 14km of uninterrupted sandy beach, a raised boardwalk and a small nature reserve, this is another good photographic spot. The small nature reserve is called De Mond and is home to many endemic bird and flower species as well as some small mammals. Surfers, anglers and canoeists frequent this reserve so there is no shortage of things to photograph.
One of the best places in Struisbaai is the harbour. In the early morning the sun rises over the ocean, lighting up all the fishing boats in the harbour and the anglers along the shoreline. Local fisherman toss fish left over from the catch to the stingrays and seagulls ensuring a flurry of activity and opportunity. When photographing the birds, remember they move fast, so it is easiest to preset a high shutter speed and let you camera adjust the aperture so you are free to focus on your composition.

Just a little further South leads us to the Southern most point of the African continent. Cape Agulhus.
The Agulhus coastline is littered with shipwrecks. In winter, the often stormy skies create dramatic imagery. Needle sharp off shore rocks and a consistent curving coastline encourage you too look for a different and unique angle to photograph from.

Driving a few kilometres inland lies the village of Elim. The entire town of Elim has been declared a national monument. It is one of the best known mission stations in the country. The old church and the houses built from sandstone and crushed shell offer great architectural photography.
Recently the Elim area had put itself on the map as a top wine area. There are four established vineyards all within a 5km radius and offering fine cuisine and wine tasting. Some of the vineyards offer cellar tours which can make for some interesting photography and a chance to work on low lighting techniques.
Here is a quick breakdown of what to expect in the Cape.
The summers are warm and dry with little rain but strong  South Easterly winds, which are often responsible for the 'tablecloth' cloud effect over Table Mountain. (November to March)
Autumn days are warm and sunny with infrequent rains and calm winds. The vineyards are all transformed into a kaleidoscope of colours and the light is softer allowing longer hours of photography. (April – June)
Large cold fronts sweep in from the Atlantic ocean in Winter. Rainfall is common as the landscapes turn green and dramatic storm clouds add detail to the sky. ( June to September)
Spring is the most unpredictable as the transition between the wet and dry season. This season is good for photography as the flowers are all in bloom and Southern Right Whales frequent the bays. (September – November)

Wedding Alicia and Ryan

Wow I cannot believe it has been so many weeks since I posted a blog! Sorry everyone!

We photographed the beautiful wedding of Alica and Ryan a few weeks ago. The wedding was held at Hertford Hotel in Lanseria. Here are a few photographs.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Travis and Joline wedding

Travis and Joline got married on the 4th March at Everwood in Muldersdrift. Joline described herself to me as a 'farm girl at heart' so the venue was a perfect choice with the old buildings and gardens. The beautiful indigenous protea was her flower of choice. Joline looked stunning and Travis and Joline are a wonderful, fun couple. Thank you for letting us share and photograph your special day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Drakensburg 2011

Last month I spent a few days in the beautiful Darkensburg Mountains. Here are a few landscape images

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thabisi & Linda

Thabisi and Linda got married in the beautiful area of Jozini at the Jozini Tiger Lodge - Wow what amazing views of the Jozini dam and the wall. The wedding was beautiful and the weather was nice and hot right up until the end when we had rain, luckily, by then we were all in the reception.

Leonore & Ettian